Sometimes I think I’m about to be left behind, in the dust of progress…

 MyRobots is a social network for robots and other smart objects; and, like Facebook, signing up is free.

The MyRobots network is a hub that is intended to allow intelligent devices to form a data/sensory-information network, thereby enhancing their abilities. The MyRobots site claims that it will enhance robotic capabilities because of the computational capacity of its network, which will streamline access and response (the site uses the term Cloud Robotics — branded after cloud computing — to describe the functionality that interconnects and enhances).

As soon as your device/robot is connected (at, you will be able to monitor it via the web, give commands, and receive alerts.

I’ve probably read too much science fiction in my life, but a part of me is paranoid: I envision a future dystopia when machines have interconnected, become sentient super-minds, and have overthrown the puny-minded humans. Nevertheless, if the idea floats your boat, I can’t think of a logical reason to pass on it (but first make sure there is a human behind the curtain).

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