I found an interesting chocolate bar that really hit the spot; especially with a strong coffee, in the evening, as the sun sinks toward the horizon. It is an organic lavender blueberry bar by Dagoba. The bar has a bit less cacao than I usually like (59%), but the lavender essence makes it a winner (according to the website: Lavender, blueberries and dark chocolate blended for a divine, calming experience with antioxidants).

I also bought the xocolatl bar; and, according to the Dagoba website, “Cacao nibs, chilies and rich dark chocolate recreate the Aztec’s enhancing cacao elixir. Savor the spices of life.”

The xocolatl, with chilies and a bit more cacao (74 %) than the first bar, sounds like another winner…can’t wait to try it [update: I just had a taste: it’s got a good chili kick, but I’d still like a bit more cacao — still, it was darn tasty].

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